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Thursday , 19 April 2018

Category Archives: Chemicals

Sodium Hypochlorite


Strategies for Meeting Sodium Hypochlorite Specifications in the Drinking Water Industry. Abstract Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) manufacturers are now frequently required to provide high quality sodium hypochlorite with limits on chlorate ion and transition metal ions. Sodium hypochlorite “decomposes” by two mechanisms. The first is the 2nd order process that forms chlorate ion: 3OCl- → ClO3- + 2Cl- In the presence ... Read More »

Ro Chemicals

Ro Antiscalant chemicals, Ph booster sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate , Ro plant washing chemicals. Antiscalant chemical For community Purpose In rural areas For residence, housing, office building Purpose For school, collage, educational institutes Purpose For hotels, restaurants, resorts Purpose For hospitals, nursing homes and others medical institutes Purpose. For Municipality water supply, Corporation Purpose For Industrial purpose like paper mills, ... Read More »

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